Coping with Childhood Anxiety presented by the Board of Health

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Main Library
McCarthy Meeting Room (whole room)

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Join us for a night of information on ways to help your child cope with stress and anxiety, presented by Dr. Susan O'Brien, psychologist at Parker Middle School.

According to the CDC, examples of different types of anxiety disorders include
  • Separation anxiety - Being very afraid when away from parents
  • Phobias - Having extreme fear about a specific thing or situation such as dogs, insects, or going to the doctor
  • Social anxiety - Being very afraid of school and other places where there are people
  • General anxiety - Being very worried about the future and about bad things happening
  • Panic disorder - Having repeated episodes of sudden, unexpected, intense fear that come with symptoms like heart pounding, having trouble breathing, or feeling dizzy, shaky, or sweaty.
The CDC reports that children with current anxiety or depression are more likely than those without to have:
  • Another mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder such as ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, or speech and language problems
  • Other chronic health problems, like asthma or hearing problems
  • Social problems
  • Parents who report high levels of stress or frustration with parenting
  • Unmet medical and mental health service needs

Event Type(s): Health and Wellness, Library Programs
Age Group(s): Adult
Amanda Glaser, Health Educator
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